Hello, my name is Bea! I'm 34, female (she/her), and primarily RP as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil (2005-current canon; Revelations onward).

I am looking for action, adventure, exploration, missions, slice of life, shipping, and smut lines with other characters from action series, video game or live action (for example, series like Yakuza, Metal Gear Solid, Fallout, Fast and the Furious, John Wick, etc.). I have no interest in RPing against OCs, including fandom OCs. I only ship or smut with male characters 30+ (she is 35-47+ within canon). My preferred canon ship is Chris/Jill, but I'm open to writing against Weskers (if written as messed up as it is), Parkers, and Leons. No monsters/BOWs (partially transformed Wesker is fine, however).

I write anywhere from 2-10+ paragraphs and do not expect you to match length as quality beats quantity! If we aren't often online at the same time, I lean toward longer replies and if we can rapidfire, I prefer them to be a little shorter so we can carry on with the plot more quickly! I prefer my partners to be descriptive and use introspection, but I am not interested in excess/purple prose.

If you are potentially interested in RPing with me, my DMs on Discord are always open! Please message me with who you play and what you're potentially interested in writing!

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